Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly in Action at DIK Durack

A number of our members went out to the “Donations in Kind” warehouse at Durack on our latest rostered container loading day last Saturday, 4th February. We also took with us such things as various bath chairs and medical supplies, a bed and stamps. Our club was very well represented

On a very hot Saturday morning, we set about loading two 40 foot containers with Hospital beds and requisites, medical supplies, books and school equipment.

All of the goods bound for New Guinea and the other container bound for a different Pacific Country, where these items are enthusiastically received. Jens has  previously been  in  East Timor!



African Hearts

The Club has recently approved Funds of $2,000USD to be released to assist African Hearts with the final stage of their Vocational Centre Building. The funds are made up of Airport Funds @ $1,500USD and Club Fundraising Funds of $500USD totalling $4,000USD

Ainsley Winten from African Hearts writes:

“Thank you so much. I can’t express fully what this means to me and African Hearts. The ripple of your club’s generosity will be felt by generations of Uganda children.  

Truly! This is why I do what I do! Because the difference we are making together over there is eternal!  

It is such a joy to stand in the buildings that we’ve constructed and know that Australians have given hope to many who have never held that before!

I would love to take any members of your club someday to witness this, but in April at least, I will take photos to send you of our completed building.”


Marikina Central RC, Manila, Philippines Our Club has since 2011 entered into a  Sister Club arrangement with the Rotary Club of Marikina Central in Manila. In 2011 we carried out 2 matching grant international projects (computer centre / feeding program) with the RC of Marikina Central in Manila.

This is our third matching grant international project with our Sister Club of Marikina Central, Manila, Philippines “Young Mothers Health Summit” has been  completed, this is another occasion where we have have joined together to provide assistance to the needy in their local community.

Our friends at Marikina organized this health summit for more than 100 young mothers. The Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly contributed $2500 financial assistance which helped to provide a range of baby materials and baby food and milk powder, provide meals, and travel assistance to the conference venue.

Poster Marikina

Marikina 1 Mar Marikina 3 Marikina 4

Nepal & Vanuatu



Rotarian Jim Byrne arranged to have the contents of a Shelterbox on display at his workplace for a special Fund Raising Morning Tea. He acknowledged the tremendous support he received from his fellow work mates at 82 Eagle Street in displaying this emergency equipment in his building. Over $11,000 was raised. Jim further advised that since the emergence of the humanitarian needs in Nepal and Vanuatu, some 3,000 shelter boxes have been donated from all over the world by members of Rotary Clubs.

Every year thousands of communities, often with no warning, lose their homes, their possessions and their livelihoods. Every day they are faced with a battle for survival. 

Shelter Boxes

These emergency shelter boxes and vital supplies are sent to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis.

Since  2000, shelter boxes have been deployed to earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, landslides, typhoons and conflict, delivering emergency humanitarian aid to communities in need.

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Syria crisis, and the biggest storm to ever make landfall – Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines; we have responded to some of the largest humanitarian crises the modern world has ever known. Alongside this, we have also helped many thousands of people displaced by disasters that are not featured in the media. Simply put, if there are families in need of emergency shelter, we will do everything we can to help them.


Romac Picture - Copy

ROMAC is the acronym for “Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children” and is a combined Australian and New Zealand initiative. It was commenced out of the actions of a single Rotarian in March 1988, when a member of the Rotary Club of Kangaroo Flat in Victoria visited Lambasa in Fiji with a group of Australian surgeons. He found the child mortality rate as high as 25% in some places, and quickly established that a major factor was the lack of medical and surgical facilities and skills available to children of those areas.

Rotary was challenged to assist an 18 year old Fijian girl whose right leg was threatened if immediate surgery was not performed. During the next four years eight children were brought to Australia by the Rotary Club of Kangaroo Flat for major, often life saving surgery. Soon 20 Rotary clubs were caught up in the success of each case and assisted in various ways.

ROMAC quickly went about harnessing assistance from medical experts, hospitals, nurses, physiotherapists, pathology and radiology services, airlines, sponsors and other supporters.

To date ROMAC has changed and saved the lives of over 400 children, enabling them and their families to live normal, happy lives.

International recognition

Many of these cases have won international as well as domestic recognition. The Bosin Siamese twins, Ramesh Chand – “the monkey boy”, Jessie Ryder the little Fijian burns girl and Pape Minape the Papua New Guinean burns boy, Anna De Costa the 15 year old girl from East Timor with life threatening cancer in the left thigh and Augusto Costa the four year old East Timor boy, born with a blocked bowel, have become symbols of compassion by Australian Rotary and Australian Rotarians. In May 1999 a National Advisory Committee was established at the first National Conference to manage the operations and development of ROMAC within Australia. By June 2001, 16 of Australia’s 23 Rotary Districts were involved in the ROMAC program.

On the 7th of June 2004 ROMAC achieved formal listing as a Rotary International approved Multi-District program of Australia and New Zealand

ROMAC could not function without our sponsors and host families and the wonderful work of the surgeons and surgical teams in nearly all the major paediatric and specialist hospitals in the region.









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