Katelin Shiels Wynnum and Manly our Exchange Student to Sweden

WOW! its been a while since I left and I feel like I have been in Sweden my whole life. Just like the weather here I have change so much, learning how to cope and adapt in a different country has been a great experience and I have no doubt it is going to get even better.

When I first arrived in Sweden it was minus 17 degrees and snowing. It was amazing how everything was absolutely covered in white.

My host parents Therese and Anders took me for a drive to show me the city Göteborg, it is a beautiful city like nothing I have ever seen in Australia. After taking a look around the city they took me to a small town called Partille just 20 minutes outside of Göteborg the place I now call home. Just a few hours after settling in to my new home Therese and Anders asked if I wanted to go cross country skiing, and after 24 hours of flying I was completely exhausted, but going with the rotary motto I said yes completely unaware of what I was getting myself into.

Well it was safe to say that after three major falls and lots of running into different Swedish cross country skiing is not the sport for me (but tobogganing down steep hill is). Aside from that I had a lot of fun and I got to know my host parents a lot better.

So after two days of really settling in I had to start school and the very same day Partille had the heaviest snow recorded in the past 20 years. So it was quite an experience going to school an trying to get through all the snow, but I did make it and got to meet my amazing class. Swedish school is really different from Australian school but I love it and the friends I have made.


National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)


Joel Bulow (Centre) Cannon Hill Anglican College

The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) were held in Toowoomba on Sunday the 16th of August and our club had two students participating.  James Hilder from Redlands College and Joel Bulow a student from CHAC.  There were 49 students vying for 15 places and the standard of the candidates was the highest I have seen in the four years I have been involved.  Joel Bulow was selected as one of those 15 and he is extremely excited about the prospect.  The next step for Joel is to come and meet the club and then he will be off to Orientation at Gatton UQ Campus on the 10th of October followed by a morning tea at Government House hosted by Queensland Governor, Paul de Jersey on the 12th of October. This program offers Year 12 students the opportunity to learn about study options for careers in the fields of Science, Engineering, and Technology, within a University environment in Canberra.

Youth Exchange


  1. Sara Ranghieri our Exchange Student from Italy arrived 0n the 28th July 2017 and was met by a small but enthusiastic group of Rotarians from the Club and the District. Sara is keen to meet lots of Aussies and experience our culture for the next 12 months. Sara is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Torino Nord-Ovest in Italy.

Other Youth Programs

The Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly engages with and supports eleven youth programs, ten of which fall into the Youth Services portfolio.

The eleventh youth program which our Rotary club is committed to is Rotary Youth Exchange, with this progam falling under the portfolio of International Service within our Club.

An overview of some of the Youth Programs presently engaged by the Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly is as follows:

Primary School Public Speaking Competition:   

Bob Rose opened the “Programme” for the evening by telling all present that the Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly had been proud to conduct this year’s Primary Schools Public Speaking Competition. He went on to give a brief history of how the late Harold Armstrong initiated this competition at the club when he was principal at Wynnum North State School in 1978. Bob spoke very highly of Harold and acknowledged that even though Harold was not a good public speaker he realised the immense value of this ability within the community and was most supporting of this activity. The aim of the competition is to encourage primary school students to learn the art of public speaking. The students are given an opportunity to practice speaking to an audience. Their performance is judged by independent adjudicators. The Beachfront Runners is a group of men that meet regularly and go for a run or walk then have a coffee and chat about solving the worlds problems, Harold was a member of this group and they have sponsored the Encouragement Award all these years that we have been doing this competition.

This years Public Speaking Competition  Started in July 2017 with invitations being sent out to the schools for them to be ready for the Competition. The Schools hold there own knock out competitions which lead up to the semi finalists being selected then the 21 Semi Finalists all receive a Certificate to recognise all the hard work done by them to make the Semi Finals. Then Tuesday the 17th of October the first round of 10 students present there talk, Wednesday 18th the remaining 11 Students present there talks, then 6 Finalists are selected and they compete on the Friday 20th where the Winners are selected. Then on the Wednesday night the 25th of October the 6 Finalist present there talk again in front of the Rotary Club Meeting and the winning Presentations are made. There was 85 Rotarians Friends Family and Teachers present for the night and the Students Represented there schools and families very well. The subjects they spoke on were – What Came First? , The Arts , Stop Racism: a Personal Encounter at School , Confessions of a Tall 11 year old , Why Mum should give me a Mobile Phone and Things i believed when i was a Young Child. A great range of topics and and all students entertained the crowd so much they all received numerous rounds of applause after it was all finished.

Photos of the Gathering and then the contestants and there awards. The awards for 4th 5th and6th in no particular order were Tayla Cannon from Belmont State School, Jazz Waller from Guardian Angels School and Caitlin Jamieson from Guardian Angels School, The encouragement award went to Vinney Poral from Moreton Bay Boys College and was presented by the Beachfront Runners, the Runner up was India Poots from Guardian Angels School and the winner of the 2017 Public Speaking was Sophie Boud from Moreton Bay College. Then the Peoples Choice Award that is judged by members on the Wednesday Nights presentation was Sophie Boud then the Perpetual Trophy was presented by Last years winning School Belmont State School ‘s representative Fiona Felix to Kylee Phillips from Moreton Bay College

We must thank all the students that participated in the Public Speaking Competition, the Teachers that spend countless hours encouraging these students and preparing them for the challenge and of course the support and no doubt hours of practice at home with the Parents. Then there is the hours spent by Bob Rose and his team that send out the invites and follow up and liaise with the schools, set up the hall for the competition, the Adjudicators, The Beachfront Runners for there sponsorship and support. We look forward to the event again next year in 2018.



Rotary Secondary School Citizenship Awards:

The 2017 Awards were Presented on the 13th September by President Selwyn Payne to Jeffrey Lakeman – Wynnum State High School, Gillian Kohl – Brisbane Bayside State College, Ella Biss – Cannon Hill Anglican College, Matthew Riddle – Inoa College, Adrienne Soteriou – Moreton Bay College, Riley Murphy – Lourdes Hill College, Matthew Rogers – Moreton Bay Boys College, Harry Cross – Balmoral State High School and Joshua Bobby – Alexandra Hills State High School. All students were nominated and introduced by Staff from the School or College that they attend. Congratulations to all recipients on the amount of work they do for there school or college and in the community as well as there academic achievements. A BIG thank you to Rotarian Jodi Dalton for a well organised awards evening.

This award recognises the involvement of a Year 12 Student in the community life of their school and the local environment where the student lives. The rationale behind this “award” is that the student has participated with a high level of commitment, in a wide range of endeavours which may include academic, community service, sporting, musical or theatrical activities.

Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment:

RYPEN assists young Australians aged 14 – 17 to develop a greater sense of self-awareness, appreciate diversity in society, and to realise their own and other’s potential.

The Rotary Club of Wynnum & Manly represents just 2% of the club ‘footprint’ within the Rotary District, yet provides more than 15% of the participants toward this Youth Program

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards:

RYLA is a program designed to develop the interpersonal and professional skills of our future young leaders of this country aged 18 to 25.

The Rotary Club of Wynnum & Manly consistently supports the sponsoring and participation of two attendees each year to this program.

Science Experience:

A program at local Universities for Years 9 & 10 students interested in science.  Offering interesting and hands on science related subjects over three days.

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